3D Printing and face implant

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However, if a 3D-printed face implant has received FDA approval, it has been deemed safe and effective for medical procedures. 3D-printed faces could improve outcomes for patients requiring facial reconstruction due to injury, illness, or other conditions.

Biomedical devices, according to the company Oxford Performance Materials (OPM),¨ announced an addition to 3D printed body parts, a 3D printed face. The 3D-printed face starts a new era in the standard of care for facial reconstruction. Until now, technology did not exist that could treat the highly complex anatomy of this kind of case”.

3D-printed face technology has the potential to significantly improve the standard of care for facial reconstruction, particularly for patients with highly complex anatomy.

Traditionally, facial reconstruction has been a challenging area of medicine due to the complexity of the facial structure and the difficulty in achieving a natural-looking result. However, 3D printing technology has opened up new possibilities for customizing prosthetic devices and implants to fit each patient’s unique anatomy.

OPM’s 3D-printed face is made from a biocompatible material called polyether ketone (PEKK), which is well-tolerated by the body and capable of supporting bone growth. The company’s technology allows for precise customization of the implant to fit each patient’s anatomy, and the resulting prosthetic is lightweight, durable, and easily sterilized.

Overall, the development of 3D-printed facial prosthetics represents a significant advancement in facial reconstruction and has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for patients who require these procedures.

3D-printed face implant gets FDA approval


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