Q5D’s CY1000 3D Printing System Targets $200 Billion Wiring Harness Market.

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CY1000 3D printing system has a sturdy and durable steel structure, along with a robotic platform and gantry that enable full-depth access for robotic loading. The system is designed to be used as a standalone unit and integrated into a process line, providing flexibility in its application.

Q5D has developed a 3D printing system, the CY1000, capable of automating and adding electrical connections to increasingly complex products. The company claims this solves a problematic automation problem in the wiring harness industry, where almost all wiring harnesses are made by hand. The CEO of Q5D suggests that the market for wiring harnesses is worth over $200 billion and that automation is the only way to keep up with the increasing demand for cabling due to electrification, the Internet of Things, and net zero initiatives.

$200 billion market opportunity accessed by Q5D CY1000 3D printing system.

Do you think automation is the key to keeping up with increasing demand for cabling due to electrification, the internet of things, and net zero initiatives?

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