4D printing adopting 3D printing’s multi-material approach.

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According to Qi Ge, and scientist from mechanics, mechatronic systems,” a simple and versatile multi-material 3-D printing approach to fabricate highly complex, hybrid 3-D architectures. They then used a self-built digital-light processing multi-material 3-D printer to form hydrogel-polymer hybrid 3-D structures. The team displayed a series of applications including a 3-D printed meniscus, 4-D printed cardiovascular stent and a 3-D printed ionic conductor, as advantages of the approach.”

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3D printing stocks history and now

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3D printing stocks on Wall Street are showing progress nowadays.
According to Luke Lango, Senior Investment Analyst at InvestorPlace, “These machines, however, have made huge advancements in terms of cost, speed and ability since 2013, to the point where they are now capable of quickly and cost-effectively mass-producing metal end-use parts on the factory floor.”

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