Stratasys and Volkswagen 3D printing strength soaring the stocks

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Stratasys and Volkswagen 3D printing strength soaring the stocks.
As stated by Peter Bartels, head of the Wolfsburg, Germany-based Volkswagen Pre-Series-Center, “Volkswagen has always put innovation at the heart of everything it does, in order to develop vehicles that excite our customers and make them proud to own. To achieve this, it is essential we provide our design teams with the latest cutting-edge technologies to unleash their creativity and enable them to set the standard in automotive design. The recent addition of the J850 3D Printers offers us additional capabilities that strengthen our 3D printing operations and allow us to further optimize our design process.”

Volkswagen installs Stratasys 3D printers to improve prototyping

Stratasys shares gain 7% after Volkswagen 3D printer order

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