Louisville’s has 100 high tech printers

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Louisville’s factory has 100 high-tech printers

According to Louisville’s factory, ” they have each 8-hour shift for one employee and for every day only 3 employees.  They can produce parts in following industrial materials: ABS, Polycarbonate, Polycarbonate-ABS, and ULTEM 1010. UPS handles their packaging and shipping”.:)



Strati: a 3D Printed Car From Local Motors

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Strati: a 3D Printed Car From Local Motors

According to the Strati,” it is an ABS plastic carbon fibered 3D Printing car.  Local Motors prints the body and chassis components of the car. 3D printing car takes 44 hours.  Once the parts are 3D printed, the parts are manually assembled.  Local Motors showed the Strati car at the Detroit Auto show”.:)