Month: September 2019

3D bioprinting of tissues and organs

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According to Yehiel Tal, the Chief Executive Officer of CollPlant, “This fund raising is intended to support the advancement of our pipeline in the fields of medical aesthetics and 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs. We are now focused on facilitating our development programs of dermal fillers and regenerative breast implants. Our collaboration with United Therapeutics, which is using our BioInk technology for 3D printing lungs, is progressing, and we continue to expand our business collaborations with large international healthcare companies that seek to implement our revolutionary regenerative medicine technology. We are very pleased to have entered into this transaction with Mr. Sagi and the other investors.”


CollPlant Biotechnologies Raising $5.5 Million


EPA Researchers report about 3d printing

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According to lead EPA scientist of a new study on the subject Dr. Souhail Al-Abed and his team’s research, “Users may not be aware of chemical emissions during the printing process lead EPA scientist of a new study on the subject. His team’s research shows that common 3D printer ink, or filament, can emit gases during the printing phase that may pose a health risk to users and bystanders. The most concerning of these emissions are known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs for short.”


Keeping up with 3D Printing: EPA Researchers Build on New Plastic Emissions Study

Inhalation Exposure to Three-Dimensional Printer Emissions Stimulates Acute Hypertension and Microvascular Dysfunction

3D printed personalized nutrition

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According to Anrich3D, “Food is made into a paste and extruded through an extruder that can be fed with paste continuously. Multiple extruders working together can allow for multi-material printing. Thus, each ingredient can be dispensed in the precise amount according to the individual’s nutritional, aesthetic palatability requirement.”

Anrich3D Wants to 3D Print Food Personalized Just For You


3D printed clear aligners

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3D printed clear aligners. According to Clinique Dentaire Casablanca, “The Invisalign system is a combination of proprietary virtual modeling software, rapid manufacturing processes, and mass customization, and virtually clear, removable appliances or “aligners” that are used to straighten teeth.”

From comments,

Andrew Thiyam
1 year ago
Can Invisalign also correct “Deepbite” to some extent??

CoChief Emeralds
9 months ago
I have those Invisalign trays for 8 more months

CoChief Emeralds
9 months ago
It took 8 to 10 weeks for my aligners to be ready because they had to do a quality check and all that good stuff let alone deciding if I need attachments on my teeth.


We use cutting-edge technology to manufacture best-in-class Clear Aligners

Manufacture Your Next 

Eden Prairie Company Makes 3D Printed Dresses

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According to Ryan Schultz, the Vice President of Vertical Marketing at Stratasys, “We can do full color, clear, flexible, rigid, all in one print, so the opportunities are nearly limitless.[Our] 3D printing technology is the only technology that can print at such a fine level, multiple colors within clear, to get that iridescent shimmering effect you see in a butterfly’s wing.”

From some comments,

2 years ago
I wonder how much stronger it would be if you were to iron the plastic into the shirt through a sheet of parchment paper. That might help prevent the very slight peeling of the edges on the lion’s mane after the wash.
2 years ago
So I didn’t get it what your final settings are now to achieve the flawless result. 😆

Isaac Graham
2 years ago
Glad you used the flexible filament, It seems to work extremely well

Peter Woo
2 years ago
Been waiting for this 🙂 !!!

Peter Adlam
2 years ago
I wonder if using the ‘Avoid crossing outline for travel moves’ in the advanced tab of Simplify 3d would help to cut down on the stringing?

Miguel Velásquez Ferreiro
1 month ago
The flexible filament has resisted multiple washes?

2 years ago
will it survive in the dryer ??

Sailor Barsoom
1 year ago
That is GORGEOUS! If’n I ever get a 3D printer, I am so doing this.

2 years ago
Can you recommend where to buy 3d printers like the cr-10 in Sweden?

Peer Appel
2 years ago
Wow, I’m almost buying a 3d-printer just for this 🙂

Muhammad Agung
1 year ago
This print not beater than i3 Mega for flexibel filament?
2 years ago
hey can I buy a RcLifeOn t-shirt of you?

Rotem Barzily
2 years ago
Should I buy the Anycubic Kossel as the first 3D printer?
1 year ago
Goodday ..
How large have you extruded the drawing ? 0.5 mm using a buse of 0.4 mm ?

Minas Giannopoulos
2 years ago
Did you do any mods on your CR-10 to print flexible material? Also can you share your Simplify3D settings you ended up using?

Sébastien Van Deun
2 years ago
This is absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to try it when my 3d printer will be set up to print flex filament!

Shit Storm
2 years ago
Anyone got a link for “good” flexible filament or brands from Aliexpress? I would be very thankfull 🙂
2 years ago
Hey Simon – thanks for responding to those of us with the torches and pitchforks regarding the flex filament. You blew my mind using a STOCK CR-10 to do this…please share the machine settings to get Ninjaflex successfully through a CR-10 extruder.

theodoros sirios
2 years ago
were did you buy the cords for your printers
what 3D printer i should buy Anet A8 or Anet A6

Alessio Ravoni
1 year ago
I can use any TPU filament?
David Reece
10 months ago
Machine washable?

Christoffer Nørskov
2 years ago
Oh nice, 3DEksperten is situated in the same city I live in, and is where I got my printer, and most of my filament.

1 year ago
Slic3r has an option “Avoid crossing perimeters”, which stops the print-head from travelling over your clean lines and leaving goop everywhere. You may be able to find similar options in your slicer of choice.

Luke Turner
2 years ago
very interesting and a great idea ! (reminds me of the old 3D printer days when new things would be found every week!). you might get different results with different tshirts, as you get 100% cotton shirts then you get polyester shirts which have a % of plastic in them. this would get better results i dare say. but very interested might have a go my self at some point

1 year ago
Do you have any issues with priming the nozzle? I have not played with different slicers and startup gcode, but in cura for lulzbot it always prints the skirt around the base to prime the nozzle. Looked like you were manually priming the nozzle and turning off the skirt?

edwin k
2 years ago
Can you show your 3d printing files in free or cheap other software, because i am noet at school anymore so i must buy yhe 3d modeling en printing software.

Fer Jerez
2 years ago
Great video! I don’t know how to do it in S3D but Cura slicer has a ‘Combing mode’ that minimices retractions making the nozzle travel over the printed parts. I use it when printing flexible filaments making almost zero ‘stringing’. May you find it useful for this kind of experiments.
Great work!!


Eden Prairie Company Makes 3D Printed Dresses Worn At NY Fashion Week

Make it with Stratasys


3D printed a “rabbit-sized” heart

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According to BIOLIFE4D, “We have developed a proprietary bioink using a very specific composition of different extracellular matrix compounds that closely replicate the properties of the mammalian heart. Further, it has developed a novel and unique bioprinting algorithm, consisting of printing parameters optimized for the whole heart. Coupling its proprietary bioink with patient-derived cardiomyocytes and its enabling bioprinting technology, BIOLIFE4D is able to bioprint a heart that, while smaller in size, replicates many of the features of a human heart. With this platform technology in place, BIOLIFE4D is now well-positioned to build upon this platform and work towards the development of a full-scale human heart.”


BIOLIFE4D Just 3D Printed A Human ‘Mini-Heart’

BIOLIFE4D Reaches Groundbreaking Milestone and Successfully 3D Bioprints a Mini-Heart