The 3D print shell of a 4-bedroom house in 24 hours

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The 3D print shell of a 4-bedroom house in 24 hours using

The large-scale 3D concrete printer.

According to Dr. Paul Tinari,” a demonstration of the 3D printer in Burnaby on Thursday. The beauty about this is that it can build a house of any size.

Tinari said his technology could build livable homes today, but one needs to subject it to testing and building code legislation needs to change.
he hopes to soon build homes on a First Nation reserve on Vancouver Island, where provincial and federal building codes don’t apply. He also says his invention would be perfect for rebuilding communities hit by natural disasters, including parts of California ravaged by wildfires”.


3 thoughts on “The 3D print shell of a 4-bedroom house in 24 hours

    babl responded:
    WedAmerica/Los_Angeles2019-06-19T20:32:26-07:00 14, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    Sometimes it is good to use a little bit of new technology. Thank you so much:)

    babl responded:
    FriAmerica/Los_Angeles2019-05-31T16:58:43-07:00 14, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Thank you so much, for like 3D printing posts:)

    NaomYb’ said:
    WedAmerica/Los_Angeles2019-05-29T21:44:22-07:00 14, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    Nice to know – thank you . As especially after unexpected natural disaster, very very hard to re build.. so nice to have shelters etc. thank you for sharing interesting 3D news series .

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