Month: March 2019

3D Printing News Alert(Bugatti’s 110th anniversary with junior)

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According to the Bugatti,” junior Bugatti cars built to celebrate the brand’s 110th anniversary. Bugatti and Junior Classics are reviving the idea of the Bugatti ‘Baby’, presenting the first 3D-printed design model on the Bugatti stand at Geneva International Motorshow”.


3D Printing News Alert(Nasscom in talks with Meity to fund 3D print skilled people)

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The platform, which offers training in the internet of things (IoT), robotic process automation (RPA), virtual reality, big data analytics, cloud computing, and 3D printing, among others, went live with courses has participants from Nasscom member companies.
According to BVR Mohan Reddy, executive vice chairman at engineering research and design company Cyient ET, “The next step of the platform is a Government of India-Meity project that is there, to move it into B-to-C mode. The government will fund a substantial part of it to do the B-to-C model. It is in the final stages of discussion and also we need to scale the platform to that level”.

3D Printing News Alert -3D Printed Food recipe (Chew )Pixels to the plate

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3D Printing News Alert –
3D Printed Food recipe (Chew )Pixels to the plate.
According to KTVQ News,” Pixels to the plate. Dutch chef uses 3D printers to create tasty works of art.

The 3D printed robot hand

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The 3D printed robot hand, developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge. It has soft and rigid materials together to replicate all the bones and ligaments.

According to Ph.D. student Josie Hughes from Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, “We can use passivity to achieve a wide range of movement in robots- walking, swimming or flying, for example, Smart mechanical design enables us to achieve the maximum range of movement with minimal control costs. We wanted to see just how much movement we could get with mechanics alone”. She is the paper’s first author.

The future of manufacturing in concrete

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According to Max Lobovsky, co-founder and CEO of Formlabs, “Today, Digital Factory is the only event of its kind, bringing together industry leaders to address the future of manufacturing in concrete ways. The User Summit is an opportunity to connect professionals driving value in digital fabrication today to learn from each other’s successes, solutions, and challenges, and continue to push what’s possible with 3D printing.”

3D printing matter in powder form

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According to Victor Sans Sangorrin and Graham Newton UK researchers of the School of Chemistry,”they used photochromic molecules, which change colour when exposed to light, combined with a custom-made polymer. This allow the freedom of design enabled by 3D printing to be coupled with the molecular tuneability of polymerizable ionic liquids and the photoactivity and orbital engineering possible with hybrid polyoxometalates”.