Month: March 2019

3D Printing News Alert(3D-printed tissues for injuries)

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According to Sean Bittner, a third-year bioengineering graduate student at Rice, a National Science Foundation fellow and lead author of the paper, “3D-printed tissues for injuries. Athletes are disproportionately affected by these injuries, but they can affect everybody. I think this will be a powerful tool to help people with common sports injuries.
For the most part, the composition will be the same from patient to patient. There’s porosity included so vasculature can grow in from the native bone. We don’t have to fabricate the blood vessels ourselves.”


3D Printing News Alert(ORNL’s 3D printing creativity)

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According to the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL’s Brian Post, the project’s advanced manufacturing engineer, Diana Hun, lead buildings researcher on the project. We didn’t know if 3D-printed molds could be made to work for the precast industry. But we thought it was worthwhile to examine the potential.
With the Domino project, the challenge was to find the right solution for a job that required durable molds that could be used numerous times. We proved that each 3D printed mold could cast at least 200 concrete parts, which was key to meeting the project’s schedule.
Each mold takes between 8 to 11 hours to print and 8 hours to the machine to the desired surface finish”.