3D printed model of the ascending aorta

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According to ASAIO,”3D printed model of the ascending aorta.

The feasibility of a three-dimensional (3D) printed, patient-specific, silicone aortic model. To determine whether aortic affect energy in carotid arteries”.



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    makhaz joey said:
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    Thanks very much

    babl responded:
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    Thank you so much 😊 3D Printing is not only online thingy. It is for daily use too.
    3dprinting companies got patented for printers and several other things.
    I Go to conferences about new inventions and learn new things regarding 3D printing. Imfact my sites logo is 3D printing. I did design and got 3D printed in front of me😎

    makhaz joey said:
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    I like 3D printing topics
    Does it all work on line?

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    You’re welcome.

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    Thank you so much:)

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