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3D printed House

Hi everybody, How are you guys? is growing with you and we need to know about your valuable experience with sv3dprinter. is 5 years old and most of our friend followers are with us for several years. ´Yay´! for our friendship.
opportunity to thank you for reading our articles amidst all the challenges and adversity that was. This will certainly amazing to remember!
Few things I want to ask you if you get a chance please feel free to share with us.
Please tell us your story about how long you are with
What did you like and what you didn’t like and why?
What should we improve?
If you had any purchase regarding 3d printing what was it?
If you are still using it, what improvement would you want to see in that product?
I love hearing from my friends!
We are trying to continue to share articles the same as before.
All the best to all of you,
Thank you so much.


3D printed clear plastic

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According to Aaron Pearson Vice President of Public Relations,¨Many consumer products, from cell phone cases to kitchen appliances, use transparency to help with both functionality and appearance. But unlike other materials traditionally used in prototyping – foam, clay, fabric – fully transparent materials can be difficult to manipulate. Multi-material 3D printing technology makes creating custom translucent and transparent parts easier than ever.¨

Can you 3D print clear plastic?


Investors need to know about 3D printing ETF

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From comments,

Cedrick Batchateu
2 years ago
I believe 3d printing will usher in the 4th industrial revolution. The trend will likely read much like the internet when it first came out.

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