Month: March 2018

Company plans to sell 3D-print cars by in China 2019 for US$10,000 — Hawkins Bay Dispatch

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Expected to cost just US$9,450, the two-seater LSEV will have a maximum speed of 70 kilometres per hour and a range of 150km 19 March 2018 | Daniel Ren | South China Morning Post “X Electrical Vehicle, from Italy, says it is edging closer to mass production in China of its low-speed 3D-printed cars, which […]

via Company plans to sell 3D-print cars by in China 2019 for US$10,000 — Hawkins Bay Dispatch


3D Printed lead detector

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“America’s top young scientist. Gitanjali Rao, a seventh grader from Colorado.
She designed a 3D Printed compact device to detect lead in drinking water, she mentioned it can be faster and cheaper than other current methods.
According to Gitanjali Rao, “I continued to research and follow it for the next couple years. Then, I saw my parents testing for lead in our water and that is pretty much what sparked the idea. I realized that using test strips would take quite a few tries to get accurate results and I wanted to do something to change this, not only for my parents but for the residents of Flint and places like Flint around the world.”
“I think the judges recognized the significant progress Gitanjali made over the summer, advancing her project from a cardboard box prototype to building out Tethys’ software and 3D-printed hardware. She also initiated some fundamental lab studies to investigate how aspects of her proposed sensor could work in the future,” said Shafer.

She remains cautious about the commercial future of the device: “For commercial products, it’s important to establish technical feasibility, manufacturing feasibility, and a strong business case. As mentors, we really focus on supporting the finalists in the early research phase of technical feasibility.”:)



4D printer could accelerate technology

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American Chemical Society is researching about 4D Printer. They have the ACS 255th National Meeting & Exposition in New Orleans.
4D printer could accelerate technology. Scientists report that they have developed a powerful new printer that could streamline the creation of self-assembling structures that can change shape after being exposed to heat and other stimuli.
American Chemical Society says this unique technology could accelerate the use of 4D printing in aerospace, medicine, and other industries.:)

3D Printed tool for helping people write

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According to Mr.Tatsuo Ishibashi,”This is a 3D printed tool for helping people write with a ballpoint pen. Writing is a ordinary action. But it is difficult for people with a loss in functioning like a muscle weakness. It has a light weight and is easy to don and doff. It is recommended to use together with “Zebra New Hard BN-5200” ballpoint pen. (For the sake of the simplification of the pen chucking method, we limited the kinds of pens.) Put a suitable pen into the chuck of the device by pushing. Mount it on 2D (Index) and 3D (Middle) finger as shown in the video. This pen can operate by means of translation and minute rotation of a wrist”.

“from exclusion to inclusion”, will become an important key as one of those solutions.
The 3D printing technology with the recent remarkable advances can respond to a variety of user needs. They will be supplying services and products that can respond to a variety of customer needs based on the inclusive design and the 3D printing technology.

To contribute to the human future through technology and inclusive design:)

Our Vision : To contribute to the human future through technology and inclusive design


Glidewell Dental and 3D Printing in dental labs

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According to Mr.David Leeson, he is the Director of Engineering, Glidewell Dental Glidewell Laboratories, “Currently available technology, the Structo printers are the most prolific, highest throughput model printer available today”.
Glidewell Laboratories based in Newport Beach, California.Dental Glidewell Laboratories is a provider of high-quality dental lab products and services to dental professionals nationwide for a low cost.
Glidewell started venturing into 3D printing back in 2005. And in 2016, they started incorporating Structo printers into their production setup.
The lab specializes in crown & bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, dental implants and prosthetic components, and full-cast restorations.
R&D department, and dedication to providing free or affordable clinical and technical education to promote industry growth.:)


3D Printed House For 32,000$

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Within 8 Hours, we can have 3D printed house. This is awesome.
The Passsivdom make this dream come true.The construction industry and the real estate sector will change forever now. This is the future.

I guess the structure may be built In 8 hours, but it will take longer for plumbing, tiles, cabinetry, floors, etc.

They are using vegetable oils for construction. Later they can use some recycled oil from waste products. Possibilities are endless when we go in right direction.