Month: February 2018

Making 3D Printed Skeleton

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Making 3D Printed Skeleton for Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.  Researchers take the 3D scan of the athlete’s body while they’re on their sled. After scanning they print out high-tech skinsuits for athletes. This suit protects them from getting hurt.

Skeleton is a winter sport that involves riding a sled down an ice track whilst lying face down and head first.

Skeleton is a sport reserved for individuals rather than teams, and like Bobsleigh or Luge, participants are required to angle their bodies at the right times in certain ways to control the direction and speed of their sled. Skeleton has appeared at the Olympics on several occasions, including the last four games.:)

3D Scanning


3D Printed Creations

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Amazing 3D Printed creations ideas for everybody. We can see the difference in 3D Printing 3 years before and now.
3D printing research is progressing they are using stem cells to print human organs, like a heart or kidney. Researchers have already been able to print outer Ears and other like simple organs.
Before 3 years we were thinking that within 20 years we will be able to print almost every organ, including bone. But so much research and 3D Printings new ideas we are already using 3D printing in complicated features.:)


Biocurious 3D BioPrinter

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Biocurious 3D BioPrinter they design an open source DIY cell printer.
3D printing, but with squishier ingredients in an “open innovation culture.”

it’s all based on inkjet and/or 3D printing.

How to Build 3D Food Printer

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3D Printed creations for food. We can see the difference in 3D Printing few years before and now.
3D printing research is progressing with Dr. D-Flo, Build 3D Food Printer.
3D Printings and ideas are already using 3D printing in complicated features and food industry it will give us more opportunity to eat our choice food and design more frequently.:)

HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D Printing

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Califonia based HP is located in Palo Alto, near Page Mill. HP Jet Fusion 580 Color average 3D Printing time is up to 10 times faster.

The product has colorful strong parts. Jet Fusion 3D printer is inexpensive. Medical and school will use the 3D printer to explain things more clearly.

3D-printed gold industry

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3D-printed gold industry, “reshape the jewelry industry,” says designer Lionel T Dean. 🙂

“We’re here today to launch our collection of 3D-printed gold artifacts to demonstrate to the UK jewelry industry the potential of 3D printing,”

“Additive manufacturing with metal allows you to create forms that would be almost impossible to create by conventional means.”

Dean says it has been much slower to take up printing directly with metal. “The jewelry industry was one of the early adopters of additive technology, using it in an indirect sense,” Dean says. “So printing waxes and casting from those waxes. It’s been more reluctant to adopt direct metal processes.”


Professional SLA Laser 3D printer with F-theta lens

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Professional SLA Laser 3D printer can solve the problem of two critical problems image distortion and light uniformity. F-theta lens is industrial-level. In the medical area, SLA 3D printer helps to make a precise dental model that fits perfectly.


DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D Printer

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The DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D Printer is very efficient it can help to reduce work hours.

According to Nano Dimension’s CEO Amit Dror,” shortens development to hours and days unlike traditional methods that take weeks and months”.