KODAK Portrait 3D printer

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  We know Kodak, we used roll films before digital cameras came. Now they are making Kodak portrait 3D printer.

  The highest roundness and diameter accuracy is essential for a seamless feed and a repeatable performance on any 3D printer.

  Low-moisture filament from its vacuum-sealed bag and place it in the printer’s cartridges. We know humidity is not for accuracy it    can make product brittle, bubbly. Increased humidity gives us bad finish using Kodak filament can save the product.





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    KODAK Portrait 3D printer — SV3DPRINTER – Best 3d Printer said:
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    […] via KODAK Portrait 3D printer — SV3DPRINTER […]

    babl responded:
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    I really appreciate. 🙂

    babl responded:
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    Thank you so much.:)

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