Dr. 4D printer (4D printing Programmable Wood).

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Dr. 4D printer is informing us what is good and what is not good, 4D printing’s Programmable wood.

Meri, asked about 4D printing wood, “is this 100% wood?

Concerns: are 3d and 4d printing materials biodegradable, earth-friendly, environmentally friendly, and safe for people during the use and production of items made by 3d and 4d printing? According to the University California Irvine Facebook group, that student(s) are having to build something extra to help with the fume created during 3d printing. The fumes can be very bad for health as we inhale and surround ourselves in the fume during production and into the environment…air and so on…which then rains into the land, wildlife, river, and ocean contributing to global warming and destruction of the planet just to have an accumulation of stuff…for joy and happiness of people. it could be like secondhand smoking…what about other people on the planet and other animals and fish and the entire earth?? why should we all suffer needlessly for the joy of those who print excessively just to have stuff”.

For this comment. We still don’t have a sufficient answer. 4D printing still in the research stage.

I am sure in the future we will use 4D printing more often.



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