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3D Printing and more ( Jobs ) Front-End Lead

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3D printing is a rapidly evolving industry, we find ourselves learning and educating at the same time, this means iterations have to be fast-paced.
looking for an experienced Front-End Lead that wants to help us solve marketplace challenges by using the right technology in combination with people management strategies. You will have a direct impact on the growth of our the business and the development of the front-end team.
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Ethereal Halo 5D printer

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Ethereal Halo is world’s first 5 axis CNC printer. We know 3d printing and 4D printing but now we have 5D printer.

“All our earlier products were 3-axis machines,” says Mudda. “After building a sustainable business we wanted to up the ante to make a desktop scale 5-axis CNC machine. The existing ones were all really huge, and really costly, so we thought this was a good challenge.”

Mr. Mudda did explain about 5D printing, with conventional 3D printing] plastic gets melted and deposited layer by layer. But they’re just stacked, so if you put enough force on the Z-axis it’s going to break. That’s the biggest disadvantage of FDM printed, that’s why the importance of 5-axis. So imagine something like a concave shaped cap – it’s impossible to make with a regular 3D printer, because you’d need to build a lot of filler, and supports. But with a 5-axis since the bed itself is moving, it gives me the freedom to print however I want, [make] that kind of structure. Or a cylinder with fan blades, how do you do that with a regular 3D printer!!!!


3D Printing and more ( Jobs ) 3D Printing Writing System Engineer (Metals)

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3D Printing Writing System Engineer (Metals)

Corvallis, Oregon

Metal 3D Printing System Integration Engineer 

Develop test systems and printmodes to evaluate writing system integration of fluid(s) to be used in Metal 3D printing solutions

Partner with 3D HW team to define product writing system solutions

Understand fundamental mechanisms solve system integration challenges

Partner with external customers/partners to validate system goals

Bachelor’s (undergraduate) or higher degree in Chemistry, Engineering, Materials Science or similar.

Experience with 2D/3D printing writing systems and system integration


3D Printing and more ( Jobs )3D Writing Systems and PrintMode Engineer

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3D Writing Systems and PrintMode Engineer

Corvallis, Oregon

Bachelor’s or Masters degree in Engineering, either material science, mechanical or related field.

4-6 years experience previously developing print system printmodes.

Familiarity with 3D MJF systems

Experience with image processing algorithms, firmware pipeline configuration, and output quality.

Develop fusing recipes by modifying fuse parameters to meet part. strength/appearance/accuracy.

Dr. 3d Printer( Zimpure 2, 3D Printing without toxic emissions)

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Zimpure 2, is a compact and discrete air purifier for 3D Printing without toxic emissions works with FDM printers. Few days later they will conduct more test on DLP and SLA printers. Zimpure is filtering 99% of the nanoparticles and more than 90% of the gases released.

Zimple3D co-founders Antoine Franz and Nicolas Roux promise to make 3D printing safer with an innovative adaptable air filter called Zimpure.

When we use 3D printer’s plastic can make irritating smell.  It’s actually a mix of harmful gases and nanoparticles. This is due to thermoplastic fusion. Professionals in the thermoplastic industry and folks with an average sense of smell, We have already smelled this odor of melted plastic and we know it can’t be good for your health.



3D Printing and more ( Jobs ) 3D Printing Software Solutions Leader

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Vancouver, Washington; Sant Cugat, Spain

Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in a technical discipline.

Background and ability to build a P&L .

Experience with building high performance teams and managing talent.

Ability to grow and cultivate relationships with external software partners.

Growth mindset

KODAK Portrait 3D printer

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  We know Kodak, we used roll films before digital cameras came. Now they are making Kodak portrait 3D printer.

  The highest roundness and diameter accuracy is essential for a seamless feed and a repeatable performance on any 3D printer.

  Low-moisture filament from its vacuum-sealed bag and place it in the printer’s cartridges. We know humidity is not for accuracy it    can make product brittle, bubbly. Increased humidity gives us bad finish using Kodak filament can save the product.