CoLiDo Technology Making it Easy to Remove Printouts from 3D Printers

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CoLiDo Technology Making it Easy to Remove Printouts from 3D Printers


3D printers print objects on a build tray.  The filament used for 3D printing objects (for example, PLA filament) is melted for creating the 3D printed objects and cools down on the build tray.  As the melted filament cools down, the generated object sticks firmly to the build tray.  Removing the object can be messy.  It often requires tools like cutters, knives, or hammers.  In the process, the object can break or the build tray can get scratched.

Colido 3D printers address the problem of the melted  filament sticking to the tray.  CoLiDo 3D printers use a patented glass platform that is coated by a material that prevents the melted filament from sticking to it.  This allows the 3D printed object to be removed easily.  CoLiDo printers show the temperature of the build tray so you know if it has cooled down.  Once the tray has cooled down sufficiently, one can remove the object with bare hands.  Any waste remaining on the tray can be wiped clean.

CoLiDo 3D printers and filaments are powered by Print-Rite.  Print-Rite is a leader in the aftermarket printer consumable industry.  Print-Rite is headquartered in Hong Kong, and has manufacturing facilities in Zhuhai, Shanghai.  Print-Rite has over 1,800 patents in aftermarket printer consumables. Print-Rite provides information for the CoLiDo brand of 3D printers and related products through

Comparing 3D printout removal of CoLiDo 3D Printers with other 3D Printers

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