3D Printed Custom Insoles from SOLS

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3D Printed Custom Insoles from SOLS


SOLS is a New York based startup that provides 3D printed custom insoles.  To purchase SOLS’ custom insoles, a customer uses their app available from Itunes to take photos of their feet.  The customer also provides information such as height, weight, length of each foot and so on.  SOLS recommends taking help from a buddy to take photos and measurements.  SOLS takes this information and generates a 3D model of the custom insoles for the customer.  The 3D model is used to 3D print the custom soles for the customer. The insoles generated are thin and can be work in any kind of shoes.  One can also include the width of shoe to make sure the custom insoles work well with the shoe.

SOLS provides SOLS Flex and SOLS Rx.  SOLS Flex are custom insoles for daily use. SOLS Rx are prescription insoles for hing with aches and pain of feet.

Soles was co-founded by Kegan Schouwenburg in 2013.  SOLS has raised almost $20 Million from investors.



SOLS’ Facebook Page

PRNewswire article on SOLS

CBS Article on SOLS


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