3d Print expo ( Pacific Design & Manufacturing California )

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Pacific Design & Manufacturing AnaheimĀ California.
Pacific Design & Manufacturing Conference is about biodegradable materials will give our designs and business a competitive ( Eco-friendly) advantage.

Some of the main issues are…
Identifying Emerging Threats to Medical Devices.
Metal 3D Printer Installation & Capabilities.
Next-Generation Design for Additive Manufacturing.
Leading New Materials for 3D Printing.
February 6-8, 2018 | Anaheim Convention Center



Dr. 3d Printer ( 3D Printing with No Layer Lines using Polysmooth)

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Polymaker Polisher’s Polymaker sent over their Polysher device and Polysmooth 3D printing filament give the shine and smoothness to the sanded product.

The Isopropyl alcohol inside the chamber give product finishing touch it makes the product looks like a market product. šŸ™‚


3D Print (SeaBULL)

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According to the owner of 3D printer, SeaBULL get printed in XY 150um, Z layer thickness 0.05mm, 15.5cm tall takes around 16.5hrs.:)