12-Year-Old 3D Prints Face Masks

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12-Year-Old 3D Prints Face Masks.
According to Inside Edition, “Jorge Martinez is a 12-year-old who lives in Mexico. He’s using his home 3D printer to make visors for healthcare workers. Each one takes about 45 minutes to assemble, and so far, he’s made about 100. He’s been giving them to hospitals in his home state of Oaxaca. Healthcare workers in the country have protested against shortages in protective equipment. So every one of Jorge’s homemade masks may keep someone safe, or even help save a life.”
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Darryl Hamlin
4 days ago
Y’all say this like everyone has a 3D printer.

4 days ago
He’s making protective face mask while I’m trying to see the refrigerator light turn off 😶

4 days ago (edited)
Kid builds visor strap for face mask:
Yo, this kid is straight up Albert Einstein.

4 days ago (edited)
Aw yE can’t wait to use my very common 3d printer that every household has , but, that’s cool thl, good job kiddo!

2 days ago
I’m also making 3d printed mask and donating them to my hospital

Guadalupe amaya
3 days ago
I’ve tried 3D printing it is not easy.

hello universe
4 days ago (edited)
We can all help, people with 3D printers and people who can sew can make mask .

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    April 20, 2020 at 6:05 pm

    Love this :) Thanks for sharing

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